21st July 2018

Dubai Bloggers Meet and Greet – A Fantastic Beginning

Remember I recently invited you guys to Dubai Bloggers Meet and Greet at Dubai Ladies Club? Well, I did go but at the very very end (it was a work day for me *sad*). I only got to briefly say hi to Carine of The Glam Crush Chronicle, chat up with Mara Mostafa and Deanne (of Abaya Addict) and share a cab with Imaan of The Hijab Blog. Although it was very brief, I could easily sense that it is a beginning to something spectaculars for bloggers in Dubai.

It was my first time at the Dubai Ladies Club. Located next to Jumeirah Beach Park, it is a part of Dubai Women’s Establishment and is unique concept that combines modern, world-class facilities and services, hosting varied events and activities that suit the requirement of every women. The event was held outdoors, with a dedicated reception, canopy and stalls. The weather was perfect and the location, picturesque. 
Like I said, I reached the event too late and missed it all. I was told there will be blogging mentors and a discussion about successful blogging will ensue. By the looks of it, the event was dominated by GCC and local women, with their eclectic eye makeup and trendy turbans. One woman who instantly got my attention was Nura from NuraLailaLov. She had translucent skin, and makeup so flawless it look photoshopped (beat that!)

It was my honor and pleasure to meet Deanna Khalil and Mara Mostafa. Deanna is a doctor, with passion for fashion. She has a clothing line, Abaya Addict, and has paired up with Mara to launch a female bloggers network in Dubai. Mara is a lifestyle blogger who is dedicated to modest fashion, beauty, health, motherhood and so much more. The duo came up with the idea, planned the whole event, got sponsors on board and pushed out a fabulous evening – all in less than three weeks!
Sponsors for the event include Dubai Ladies Club,  Micaroon Makeup, The Coco Ville, Project Cupcake, Desio Eyes, Abaya Addict, The Doll House, Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Gracious F, Saccharine Home Made Desserts and Fash Link.

Imagine what kind of goodie bag would all these sponsors collectively create?!! Yeah, incredible ones! Hence they deserve a separate mention. The two goodie bags had a beautiful orchid stem, two pairs of contact lenses, fun size lipstick and gloss, portable abaya, variety of delicious chocolate, manicure voucher, discount coupon for Fash Link, and more.
Here are some pictures from the event – Enjoy!

Saccharine Home Made Deserts at the Event

Super late, but yours truly!

Project Cupcake in Action!

Nura of NuraLailaLove – She so much more gorgeous than she looks here. Seriously!

Hostesses for the evening, Deanne and Mara

Coco Villa is a premier chocolatier brand in the UAE

Rozan Ahmed of The Bougi – She is such an amazing woman. Wish I got a chance to speak to her!

Women in action, and hanging on to every word of Rozan

THE Goodie Bag

Featuring Abaya Addict, Micaroon and Coco Ville

Featuring Sisters Beauty Lounge, Fash Link and Desio Eyes

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