You know who Leandra Medine is…right?

31st December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

The woman behind the infamous blog – Man Repeller. Rings a bell? Leandra Medine writes in a way that engages and amuses at the same time, and she refuses to take the world too seriously. She experiments with fashion, loves not wearing pants and is one successful business woman (she […]


25th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Christmas or no, for it’s a festive season and calls for a celebration! To all those celebrating, Merry Christmas. May secret santa get you the best present ever. And for those who aren’t, happy holidays my lovelies. xoxo, SNZ

Movie Recommendation: Rajkumar Hirani’s PK

20th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

Aamir Khan never disappoints. I won’t disclose anything about the story for that’s half the charm. It’s hilarious and the subject matter will hit home, esp after the atrocities in Peshawar recently. Do watch, and let me know if you liked it as much as I did. Cheers, and happy […]

Eyelash Extension Review: Oh my Falsies!

18th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 1

I am obsessed with beautiful eyes. I won’t shy away from going under the knife to have my child have green or blue eyes. Or how about marigold ones? This obsession leads to another – falsies. Truth be told, I have never put on fake eyelashes on my own and […]

A model shows off an outfit from Lena Hoschek’s autumn/winter 2014 collection during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin - Markus Schreiber/AP

Travelogue: Where’s the German Fashion Scene At?

17th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

Being an EU state, I had solid preconceived notions about Germany before I had arrived. I had assumed it to have popular fashion streets and people in hot-off-the-runway ensembles, with their unique ‘German’ flair to it (though I had no idea what that meant). Contrary to my ideas, Germany was […]

Victoria Becham’s Beaute Debut – VVB Nails

16th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

I am obsessing over nail colors at the moment; I did a late night manicure with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Good to Grape and Cherry Up. The colors are so pretty, and are said to be 7-in-1 potion, with top coat, base coat, strengthening agent and other goodies. […]


5th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 2

I have had a major jewelry crush after a very long time. My personal style is all for chunky statement pieces and, more recently, trending Christian jewelry. The stuff I like is more in line with creations of geniuses like Madiso and Emanuele Bicocchi; however, this recent love affair defies […]

Gift Guide…For that Smarty Pants

5th December 2014 Shaheen Rajan 0

December is one of my most favorite months of the year. First, the temperatures drop down considerably and it is so pleasant. I love the playful wind these days – finally you can walk around and hang out at one of the beautiful parks in Dubai. Second, you get so […]