I am so excited to begin the new year with you guys. This time of the year is extra extra special for me because (a) it’s the beginning of a fantastic year and (b) Cherry Cross turns one! Yes, exactly a year ago I launched Cherry Cross; we have a long way to go ahead but I would love to pause and thank each one of you for your love and support. I couldn’t have done it If it weren’t for you guys. You rock!
And to celebrate, we have a series of giveaways planned for you people. We begin with a big box of assorted cookies from Marks and Spencer (imported from the UK).
This is what your prize looks like – YUMMY!!!
Here’s how you can participate and win:

1. Like Cherry Cross on Facebook 
2. Follow us on Bloglovin (
3. Tag 5 friends (on Facebook’s post) who you would like to share these cookies with 

4. Share the competition’s Facebook post publicly on your wall

It’s quite simple cherries. And the cookies are divine and absolutely worth it.

All the best!
It’s time for a delicious tea party!


Remember those English tea parties we saw in 1950’s classics? You can have one for yourself now!


Here is a peak into what’s inside


Assorted cookies from Marks and Spencer UK


Assorted cookies from Marks and Spencer UK