In Pakistan, 25th December is more about Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday and less about Christmas (at least for non-christians). In Dubai, however, Christmas is as festive for a muslim as it is for a Christian. Malls and F&B has been dolled up for the occasion, with special offers and discounts to further lure visitors to shop.

Christmas at Cherry Cross HQ was very interesting this year. To begin with, we had some amazing celebrations at work. We had a Santa Claus, turkey, panettone and bubbles. Our work family shared it all with laughter and happiness, and toasted to holidays and successful year ahead.

And the Santa arrived with SO many goodies <3


Look at that CHICK…oh Turkey I mean 😀
Fresh and sweet strawberries, with whipped cream and cookies [DIVINE]


Citrus with a minty kick – so try this concoction when you can cherries!

At home, I had family from the UK over. We have three little munchkins (aged 2,4 and 5) and they are so full of energy. We had a quite dinner and exchanged presents. Mine mostly comprised lots of cookies and biscuits from Marks and Spencer, and although I love them to bits, I do plan to share some with you. Yes, I am doing a giveaway for Marks and Spencer’s big box of cookies. Stay tuned for more information cherries <3

Ibbi and Monica devouring their mango ice cream

I have so many more family pictures but can’t share them for now.

How was your Christmas cherries? And anything interesting planned for holidays?