Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Simone Heng at a bloggers meetup, organized by The Fash Set and sponsored by Dove Arabia. The event was held at The cARTel, a boutique concept featuring wearable art and Avant Garde fashion design. Their designers are curated globally for their experimental style and progressive approach to contemporary fashion, and it is the only place in the UAE where you can purchase unique one-off designer pieces from all over the world at showroom prices! Pay a visit if your are in Al Quoz – it can be a treasure trove.

Anyway. Coming back to Simone Heng. She does the The Lowdown on virgin radio, MC for A-list events, TV presenter and a kickass DIY expert. You will be stunned at the kind of things she can create with basic raw material. Don’t believe me? Check out her blog, CheapnChic, to learn amazing fashion DIYs.
Despite being quite a “someone”, I loved how she was so down to earth and easy to talk to. She cracked jokes throughout her workshop, about everything including herself. Coming from Singapore, she is proud of her Asian roots and loves her mother. She is amazing, and REAL. That’s one dynamic combination cherries!

Next up on the blog will be Simone Heng’s Top 10 Tips for Niche Bloggers. Stay tuned cherries, and enjoy the pictorial ride <3

The speaker, attendees and sponsors – featuring Simone Heng, The cARTel and Dove Arabia