Perfect Your Red Lips for Winter – So SEXY!

I saw this tutorial on Byrdie and LOVED it. It teaches you how to get your lips prepped to wear the right red, matte and long lasting. And oh-so deep! With holiday season around the corner, this post is priceless!

Image Courtesy: Byrdie


Exfoliate – Using a lip scrub, wash cloth or soft toothbrush


Moisturize,  and let it stay on for a while

Line your lips carefully, and fill the lip with it. It’s a crucial step – so be slow and precise


Use a brush to apply lipstick all over your lips – Maybelline has some good ones.


Lightly dust translucent powder all over your lips with fluffy eye shadow brush – don’t have one? Check out CoverGirl


Finish up with one last coat of lipstick, applied with a brush.


And here you have it – Gorgeous, sexy red lips for all night long!

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