A Fashionistas Well-Kept Secret: Layering Love

Contrary to the popular, ‘industrial’ belief, layering has absolutely nothing to do with a region’s climatic conditions. It’s a way fashionistas create unique, individual looks from items in their wardrobe. In case you have infinite money, please feel free to buy designer-everything (including capsule collections and limited editions) – it is such an easy option and no brainer really.    But if you are just a regular girl (like myself) and love all-things-fashion, you need to learn to the art of layering darling. And what better time than winter to experiment and find your own unique style.

My Top 10 Layering Basics:

  1. Use a mélange of textures and materials – silk and suede are any day better than silk and satin
  2. In my opinion, you can choose either different shades of a color or contrasting hues. When worn right, both options can look great.
  3. Same pattern on pattern – kill me instead. Imagine a leopard shirt with tiger print jacket and zebra print scarf (NO!)
  4. One of the most common layering faux pas is that by the end, you look ‘masculine’. To fix that, cinch it with a belt or add Sworovski. Gems encrusted heels or pointy-toe pumps can be your fix as well.
  5. If weather permits, don’t go beyond 3 items at a time. Imagine a flimsy lace camisole with a plain shirt and floral jacket -Perfect. Too bulky and you will struggle al day long.
  6. If you can, invest in a tailored vest. It will never let you down.
  7. Turn your bulky coat in a cape amd drape it around our shoulders. Uber Chic!
  8. Universal rule of tight top and loose pants and skirts must be used for the END look.
  9. If your choice of colors looks too dark or drab, throw on a colorful, bright scarf or a long strap bag.
  10. Accessorize. It is almost as important as EVERYTHING you wear. 

Wanna layer like a pro? Here’s some inspiration from POPSUGAR.

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