Weddings are made to be beautiful
If you are tying the knot in the next few months, congratulations! We wish you all the best for the occasion and for your future. If you are still deciding on which dress you are going to wear for the most important day in your life, the next six pointers are a guide to what’s currently in matrimonial vogue. There’s so much pressure for brides to choose the perfect dress, it can be extremely stressful for them. Once you find the perfect dress, you’ll be excited to wear it on the big day. After spending so long finding your dream dress, you’ll want to ensure you find a good bröllopsfotograf to make sure they take some gorgeous pictures of your dress. Most brides will only wear their dress once, so it’s vital to get some good photographs in it!

To see some of the best wedding dress trends recently, keep reading.

Plunging back-lines
1. Plunging back-lines are big this season, so if you are considering your trip up the aisle with a low cut creation, you should make sure you show off your trapezius and latissimus dorsi areas to best effect. Incorporate some lateral pull-down and rowing exercises into your fitness regime to enhance your upper back’s definition. Make sure your skin looks healthy with a beauty makeover that incorporates

exfoliation and skin care. Taking to the sunbed for a few sessions before your big day will allow your back to show off a healthy tan.

Lengthened sheer fabric sleeves
2. As backlines have gone down, so sleeves have lengthened. A popular theme for this season is sleeves that encase shoulder to wrist in light, sheer fabric such as tulle, chiffon and lace, which give a teasing glimpse of the bare arms underneath, yet retain elegance and sophistication.
Whimsical Tulle
3. Tulle has made a resurgence not just on wedding gown sleeves this season, but as an integral component in wedding dress design. As lightweight netting, it adds transparency and shimmer to ruffles, swirls and flowing capes. Tulle adds an essence of beauty, intrigue and mystery to a well-designed gown.
Pastel gowns can be as beautiful as the white one – or so moi thinks!
4. Pastel shades made it big in 2013. Reflecting the use of tulle and other delicate fabrics, such as silk and chiffon, colours that became popular this season lacked a strong chromatic content. Pastel colours are imbued with deep meanings that make them ideal for a life affirmation ceremony such as a wedding. Pastel pink represents love, kindness, innocence, softness and tenderness. Pale blue is the colour of tranquility, truth and loyalty, possessing a calming effect. Pastel green is the colour of nature, fruitfulness and life, as well as security, steadfastness and order. Pastel yellow implies imagination and mental energy, as well as portraying wisdom, joy and happiness.
This season, gowns are going slink-ier than ever!
5. Glamour is a big wedding touchstone this season, with designers seeking inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood. Gowns have become slinky and draped, with legs, arms necklines, shoulders and backs on display. Material to enhance this silver screen goddess style includes chiffon, silk crepes and soft and light charmeuses.
Halters, jewel-necks and bateaus are also gorgeous options for you!
6. If you don’t want a plunging neck-line for your wedding dress, there are still plenty of high neck-line creations that are making the bridal fashion grade this season; halters, jewel-necks and bateaus. If you want to show your shoulders to their best, wedding dress designers have revealed many a creation that exposed this upper aspect of the body with aplomb. Some were restrained, with high neck-lines that showed just a small amount of skin, others gave the impression of defying gravity by appearing to be falling off the shoulder altogether.
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