I love reading. And if it’s about one of my many interests, all the better. I guess I started blogging because I loved reading and following bloggers, and inspired to be read and followed. Silly, eh? I know you think I started writing because no one listened to me otherwise. THAT IS NOT TRUE! *hmph*
Anyway. I was thinking about my early days in the blogsphere, when I really wanted to read and learn, but didn’t know how. And thought some of you might be in that state right now. But don’t worry – I am here to rescue you my cherries *superman drum rolls please*
To begin with, there is always your not-so-little cherry me to follow! Subscribe to Cherry Cross by clicking here – guaranteed glam-explosion in your inbox 😀
Besides yours truly, there are some others too. So, here we go:
If you want a beauty-fix, subscribe to Huda’s Beauty Blog. It is phenomenal. This woman is married, has a child and still looks breath-takingly beautiful. She experiments with a lot of products and tools, and you can learn so so so much from her. It’s nearly impossible to not subscribe to her posts – check out her blog here.
It you are looking for outfit inspirations, you have got to be on instagram. There is almost a cult of OOTD (Outfit of the Day), and some of them are pretty decent as well. However, I cannot relate to many for I cannot shop from Dior, Channel, Temperely London or Louboutin for casual wear. Not even for formal wear actually. And those clothes are by default so beautiful that you don’t need to do much. So, pray tell me, what do I get inspired from? That’s right – zilch. But then again, I love looking at all things beautiful and hence subscribe. You can too – check out Tala Samman’s MyFashDiary, Ascia Ahmed’s The Hybrid and Nadya Hussain’s My Fierce Diaries for your daily dose of fashion-inspiration.
I love when beauty and brains meet, and this is why I love Teresa Karpinski’s Style Drifter and Chiara Feragni’s The Blond Salad.
Want more? Check out Style Arabia and Independent Fashion Bloggers – they are pretty high ranked on my list.
Well, that’s a lot of reading and following for you. Happy? Then enjoy, my lovelies!
P.S. If you have a blog or love one, do share with us. I shall follow 🙂