Someone Please Give Me Chocolates!!!

I came here to rant, so feel free to close the window and walk away if you want.

*Stares blankly at the screen for half an hour…writes, erases, writes again*
I miss stability. I have been hopping from one place to another for quite some time now, and have lost myself in transition. Who am I? What’s my profession? What makes me happy? I don’t know.
I always wanted to work in the fashion industry (in the publication sector) and although I am not THERE yet, I am closer than I have ever been. Or am I? I don’t know. Just that it isn’t fulfilling.
*Goes blank, and picks up the phone to call N. Unanswered*
Anyway. There seems to an invisible, yet extremely potent, cultural divide. Italian, Arabic, Lebanese, Philippine, Indian, Pakistani…you name it, we have it. And till recently, I did not think of them as such forceful dividers. But trust me, they are. Birds of same feather will always flock together.
*Phone rings. It’s N. He laughs at my very-serious reasons for being depressed. Suggests we do the silent-skype*
I have my job, Cherry Cross, Dubai Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Community, husband, family and myself on a plate. Maybe I am overwhelmed. Or just plain unhappy.
I want chocolates. And ice cream.
It’s time for silent-skype. Appreciate what makes you smile cherries for it is precious. Confused and temp-depressed souls like myself, call you BFF or drown in a pint of ice cream. It will only get better from there on.

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