First Experience: Gelish Nails

Despite being a self-proclaimed beauty blogger, I am not very fond of trying too many treatments or product. For me, less is more. And I am petrified of all those chemicals that come in contact with my skin whenever I use a product or undergo a treatment. This is why I am reluctant to sample them often. And why I was alien to Gelish Manicure (not in concept; just in practical), until recently.

Sisters Beauty Lounge changed that for me. They graciously invited me to try their manicure, and despite my fears, I decided to give it a go. One of my friends who lives in the UK recently visited a beauty salon in Maidenhead and it inspired me to get involved in the beauty industry too. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
For those who are unaware of Gelish Manicure, it is a polish that doesn’t chip and can last as long as 3 weeks. It is a special formula, which is applied in combination with LED lamp, and strengthens your nails at the same time. People who have bitten their nails off too deep also wear gelish for it gives a little length and more structure to their nail.
Coming back to my experience. The procedure barely takes 30 minutes, and involves application of base coat, color and top coat. In addition, your nails are put under a LED lamp, which works to make the color chip-proof. You can choose from a great variety of shades, both with and without shimmer.
Is the 3 week claim really true?
Hell yes! I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks now and there is no chip what so ever. The new nail is obviously devoid of color from the base but the applied color did not budge what so ever.
Absolutely. More so if you are as lazy as I am, have an active lifestyle, come in contact with water
often or are off for holidays. Gelish manicure will have you covered for good 2 weeks, even 3 if you can live with the virgin nail at the base. So, plan your visit to Sisters Beauty Salon over the weekend, and get a gorgeous gelish manicure on.
Cost: AED 150 – 180
Good to Know: Do not try to take the color off yourself. It will ruin your nails. Go back to the salon and get it removed professionally.

Happy weekend cherries!

Getting a Manicure and Pedicure at Sisters Beauty Lounge – Dubai Mall


Secret for Chip-less, Long-Lasting Nail Color – Introducting Mr. Toaster (aka LED Lamp)


Before and After Manicure
This is what it looks like 3 weeks later!

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