Design Aesthetics: Product versus Modeled Shoots

Since I joined ValleyDez, I have learnt quite a bit about fashion retailing and merchandising. And the importance of product shoots versus modeled shoots.

If you have been into retailing of any kind, you would know about product shoots. They are simple, yet focused pictures of products. They are said to highlight the products’ features and outlook, and have no distraction whatsoever. On the other hand, we have also seen modeled shoots, where we use props (background, accessories, people) to enhance the product.
When it comes to fashion retailing, which method truly highlights the collection the most?
For me, I like the modeled version better. Why? Because clothing, stand alone, means nothing to me. You need shoes, accessories, bag, makeup, etc to complete the look. Any look really. Having said that, I would like the background to be just that – background. I see a lot shoots where background is so much more dominant than the product. Knowing what to highlight and what is just to support is the key in my opinion.
My theory flips when it comes to accessories. I think a clutch or necklace is best displayed alone, where you can see the finer details without losing the focus.
Here’s an example for you:
A beautiful leopard gown by Fouad Sarkis
Product Shoot:
A Classic Chanel Flap Purse
See? This is what I mean.
But I am relatively new to this field and really looking forward to hear what you think. Modeled or product? Do tell!

4 thoughts on “Design Aesthetics: Product versus Modeled Shoots

  1. Sweetheart I agree yet I also disagree as I am working for a group of retail websites and have been working with the fashion and media for a very long time. When showing your work (the item on sale) you need to show it stand alone as well (buyers want to see the details of the dress, clothing item on its own as well) and then support it will an entire look. I have learnt that majority of the buyers are clueless and dumb and so need to the information need to be in as much detail as possible. clothes as they are, on a model and how you can wear with other things. Main reason because when we show them an item we are selling along with other stuff its like icing it, and when they recieve the plain item without the icing they may be disappointed. So we show the item as is as well as how THEY can add icing to make it more pleasing.

    I hope I made sense and did blurb or blab. I have been taking product photos for the longest time, worked with designers and retail on and offline so just sharing a bit from experience 🙂

    Plus if you ever need to discuss any idea or concept I am always here to help out 🙂


    Red Alice

    1. You do make a lot of sense darling. Thank you for your insight! And I will definitely head your way in case I need some help with ideas 😀

      Oh, when are you coming to here? You were planning a visit, right?

  2. I have to say, I like it when clothes and accesories are modelled or put into some sort of context. It gives you a good idea of what the ‘product’ looks like worn and in some cases, inspiration on how you might wear it. When it comes to say online shopping however I like to see both options!

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