Since I joined ValleyDez, I have learnt quite a bit about fashion retailing and merchandising. And the importance of product shoots versus modeled shoots.

If you have been into retailing of any kind, you would know about product shoots. They are simple, yet focused pictures of products. They are said to highlight the products’ features and outlook, and have no distraction whatsoever. On the other hand, we have also seen modeled shoots, where we use props (background, accessories, people) to enhance the product.
When it comes to fashion retailing, which method truly highlights the collection the most?
For me, I like the modeled version better. Why? Because clothing, stand alone, means nothing to me. You need shoes, accessories, bag, makeup, etc to complete the look. Any look really. Having said that, I would like the background to be just that – background. I see a lot shoots where background is so much more dominant than the product. Knowing what to highlight and what is just to support is the key in my opinion.
My theory flips when it comes to accessories. I think a clutch or necklace is best displayed alone, where you can see the finer details without losing the focus.
Here’s an example for you:
A beautiful leopard gown by Fouad Sarkis
Product Shoot:
A Classic Chanel Flap Purse
See? This is what I mean.
But I am relatively new to this field and really looking forward to hear what you think. Modeled or product? Do tell!