I have been so terribly busy lately. Ending one job, starting a new one, working almost 10 hours a day, blogging, events… life is definitely on a fast lane. And I am lovin’ it – so no complaints.

This constant busy-ness has given birth to wish-list. Before I got so caught up, I would usually make a trip to the mall and pick up stuff that I needed (and then some). Now, as there is never enough time, I have decided to make a wish-list (that will also serve as a checklist when I do go shopping). And I am going to share it all with you! Excited? I hope you are!
Here it goes:
WHY: They instantly make you eyes look bigger, and enhance your eye makeup manifolds. I won’t be very particular about the brand for this – one from drugstore would do.
White Eye Pencil
WHY: Winters (or what we have of it) are almost here and a fashionista (even if as brown as me) doesn’t go by without one. I have used BodyShop’s ‘Blush on Bronze’ for last two winters, and it’s great. It gives an instant glow, and the perfect color for my skin. But with my shameful weight gain, I need something that contours and highlights, and is without shimmer. So, I might try NARS this time. Lets see!
Cream and Powder Bronzer by NARS
WHY: I know it’s boring but I am absolutely out of stock on glamorous black wands. I have a matt one, and the gel eyeliner from Sephora’s makeup kit isn’t black enough. Someone recommended Wet n’ Wild’s liquid eyeliner. I will look for that one.
Pocket-friendly, glamorous black wand by Wet n’ Wild
WHY: I have assaulted the old ones too much, for too long. And darling, if you don’t have a pair of red heels that you can WALK in, you are missing out on some serious fashion dosage. They can lift a dress up in a blink, and look so good! Invest in them – they will never let you down.
Red kitten heels
WHY: Trendy to the T! Since I joined ValleyDez, I have noticed this trend all the more. You can pair it with printed shirts, silk tunics, military and bomber jackets… the possibilities are limitless! I have been averse to this trend for it won’t compliment my physique, but I will still try them out. Any recommendations?
I know I said leather, but denim and dress pants also look great
WHY: Nothing says winter like deep lip colors. And these particular shades work with every skin tone – whether you are ash white or midnight black. As I won’t be wearing them for too long or often, I won’t go for Chanel or Dior (although their shades make me salivate). Diana of London or Bourjois would do.
Talk about gorgeousness! Plum and Burgundy lip colors
WHY: The last facial I had was over six weeks ago. My skin is screaming for it. It is usually well-behaved, but its time I stop taking it for granted. And a facial at this time of the year is a great idea, as the summer tan replaces winter glow and a facial would only make the transition more beautiful.
Ah…just thinking about it relaxes me
WHY: Because I am bored. Seriously. Maybe a bit of browns and reds will make them come alive. I don’t wanna lose length, so I will ignore the hair cut option (although I really really want a bob, even if it makes me look like a humpty dumpty).
Bob or no, I definitely need some color!
WHY: I am getting old, and I am not too fond of fruits and veggies. And my mom is on my case as I well (I hope she never comes across this post *fingers crossed*). And I need to be healthy. Forever, if possible.
Fish oil capsules, here I come!
That’s it for now. I really want to know what is on your wish-list, so do tell. Also, if you have any recommendations for what’s on my list, I would love to hear them.
Comment, share and love!