Fashion Forward Talks – Print Vs Digital. Who’s the Winner?

Fashion Talks at Fashion Forward – The Rise Of The Fashion Blogger: Print vs. Digital

If I may be honest with you, I was looking forward to fashion talks more than fashion shows at the Season 2 of Fashion Forward. There was an amazing line up of speakers, and a variety of topics.

One of the most anticipated ones was the debate about the relevancy of print publication versus the authority of digital platforms – The Rise Of The Fashion Blogger: Print vs. Digital. Speakers at this talk show included Elaine Lloyd-Jones, Editor at Grazia Middle East and Tala Samman of, moderated by the internationally acclaimed Paul Tierney, and was scheduled for the first day of season 2.

The discussion began with a debate about the threat to print publications with the rise of fashion bloggers. Elaine, a veteran in print publishing, had some strong opinions about the place of blogging in fashion journalism, and insisted that a writer is only accepted as a point of authority once s/he is published in print. She quoted some genuine examples to merit her opinion and validate her stance.

Being a blogger, I was very interested in what Tala had to say on this subject and defend bloggers’ community. I expected her to be witty and quick on her toes, but was left wanting. Not only did she have absolutely nothing to say, she sometimes mindlessly agreed with Elaine. A woman who has a cumulative following of over 50,000 on social media, and is looked up to by quite a few in the blogosphere, it was a disappointing experience to say the least.

This sentiment was shared by other attendees too, with muted whispers about how Tala’s bank account (courtesy her parents) and social standing got (or was it bought?) her star-blogger status she enjoys. Anyway. The discussion was clearly one sided, and had lost luster 20 minutes after the conversation began.

That being said, I do not judge Tala on either professional or personal grounds. I am sure she’s a lovely girl and was probably having a bad day. PMS? Stage fright? Who knows!

Did you attend this talk show as well? What are your thoughts? Do share.

Paul Tierney, Tala Samman and Elaine Jones in discusion


Digital (Tala) versus Print (Elaine) – Can there ever be a winner?


Ladies smile for the camera – Elaine (left), Tala (right)

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