Official Launch of Dubai Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers’ Community

This post is way too late. I accept, and apologize.
The launch of Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers was held at Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Village Mall. Situated at a quiet street on Jumeirah, this outlet wasn’t a social hub and therefore perfect for us. And despite my fears, most of the attendees arrived without noticeable mishaps.
The event was scheduled to commence at 19:00, and I arrived a few minutes after that. Assistant organizer for the event, Araceli of ‘What I Just Love’ had arrived and was entertaining our only on-time attendee, Chhaya of ‘Your Bubbly Butterfly’. In about 30 minutes, pretty much all the guests had arrived, forming a diverse group of 10-12 ladies. Why diverse, you ask? Simply because we had managed to attract PR managers and entrepreneurs, along with bloggers. This mix was actually the reason for our success.
Sisters Beauty Lounge, our sponsors for the evening, had allotted an exclusive area for us, along with complimentary manicure/pedicure for ALL the attendees. After informal and formal introductions, we talked about different aspects of blogging, how to succeed as a blogger and make a living out of blogging. We also discussed ways to promote our community and make it an authoritative voice in the industry. This is where the diversity of attendees helped – they all gave ideas from their respective backgrounds, adding valuable input to every discussion.
Along with venue and goody bags, Sisters had also generously arranged drinks and munchies, available throughout the event. Time flew by, and soon it was 21:00 – time for us to pack up. At the end of the evening, Kimberley Carter (Branch Manager) gave us the tour of the salon, briefing about the state-of-the-art services offered by the salon. The hair expert, known as ‘The Russian Lady’ gave away hair products according to every girl’s hair type – their generosity truly knew no bounds.
All in all, it was a successful event. I met some great people, and their appreciation for our efforts made all the hassle worth it.
If you would like to become a part of our venture, please connect with us through Facebook. As this community is an independent initiative of Cherry Cross, we are using CC’s platforms for communication and promotions for now. If you are a brand and would like to become our sponsor, please email us at All other queries, comments and suggestions are also invited at the same email address.








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