Blogging & The Missing Element

Fashion Forward Season 2 has been an immense learning experience. I met some great people, attended informative talk shows and witnessed haute couture on runway. Quite extraordinary for a month old expat, don’t you think?

Anyway. It was during these talk shows that I realized the missing element in blogsphere. During the “Fashion Talk Show – The Influence of Editors on Fashion Landscape”, a very interesting point was raised by the Editors at (Sofia and Caterina) that bloggers cannot claim to be fashion editors primarily because there is no one editing their work. In publications, be it print or digital, there is a panel to help you improvise and do better at every point. In blogging, however, it is a one man show. At best, it can be counted on as opinions, maybe by well-informed people, but it cannot be exalted to fashion editorial stage.
Although there is a bit of a derogatory feel to it, I can’t help but agree. More than 95% of the bloggers out there are managing their own channels, writing and sharing, their opinions. Some of the readers and followers are kind enough to offer contructive criticism but essentialy, it is a one man show.
I would like to change that. But I am way too occupied to focus on anything else than what is already piled up on my plate. Maybe one of you can take it up, brain storm and come up with a solution to raise the bar (and thereby acceptance) of bloggers in fashion journalism. I am 100% available for brain storming, shhould you need my assistance.
Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do drop them in the comment box.

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