My last post was about the show – more logistics than fashion. This one, however, is strictly fashion. So, let’s get started!

Splash is known for shopping on a budget. They aspire to make high street fashion accessible, affordable and wearable. And do a pretty decent job at that. If I could advise improvement, I would like them to use better raw material.

Anyway. Coming back to the trends I spotted during the show. I am excluding trends for accessories and men in this post, and will come back to it later.


As the theme of the show was romance, we saw quite a bit of red, with hues of blue, black and white thrown in. The show began with  model on a swing, with piano in the background. Soon the show picked up pace and went on to showcase some brilliant pieces.

Trends Spotting:

Prints Prints Prints!
You know I am obsessed with prints these days and when I saw them on the runway, I almost jumped with excitement.

CC Recommended
CC Recommended


CC Recommended

Flawless Floral
Although I am not a fan of floral prints, I was duly impressed by the designs using floral base in Splash AW ’13 collection. The designer has used contradicting patterns to create an edgy look, without compromising on chic.

One of my absolute favorites – CC Recommended!



Been there, done that…but still a classic. CC Recommended

Leather Love
Winter collections are hardly sans leather. And Splash was no exception. From jackets to pants, they had used the material in a variety of ways – and all swanky.


The understated style beckons me – CC Recommended






Playful Plaid
Like leather, plaid pattern s another must-have for winters. Although the pattern isn’t very original, some of the style definitely were. Check them out here:


Femme Fatale
The show was periodically punctuated with prom dress; there was nothing I hadn’t seen before. How many of these have you seen around?


So, how did you find Splash’s AW ’13 collection? Any particular pieces you are hung on? Let us know – we love to hear from you!