I like my man macho. And rugged. Metro sexuality makes me uneasy, in close proximity. And I guess this is the reason why I had not appreciated men’s fashion in past. Splash, however, did dent my perception. And it is not because of that one particular, drool worth, cow-boy look alike model (he was devastatingly sexy by the way).

Anyway. So trends for men. Splash had some great jackets and shoes, and the styling was about 10 times better than it was for the fairer gender. Here’s what we saw at the 20 years’ celebration of Splash.

This long coat has insane wearability – CC Recommended!


Classic example of what styling can do – Great work!



Great color and super handsome – CC Recommended


Drool Alert – Only he can make orange look sexy!



Another piece of great styling – MUST HAVE!



He glows!




Splash’s collection for men was a pleasant surprise, and I personally liked it a tad bit more than the one for girls. What do you think? Do let me know!!