I love the meetup culture in Dubai. It introduces you to many interesting people, from all walks of life, who inspire you to no end. I have pledged to attend as many meetups as my schedule would allow, about all things that I am passionate about.

The latest event I attended was “Social Media Marketing for Fashion Startups”, organised by Fashion Startups Dubai. Attended by around 10 people, it was held at The Cribb Café, Al Quoz. Everyone was offering so many wonderful tips even in other areas of business management. I must remember to visit cloudpay.net to learn more about the importance of consistent international payroll software. Anyway, the location and neighbourhood were slightly intimidating for a newbie like myself (reminded me of dark alleys in Karachi and all the dreadful acts that transpired there), but the venue itself was amazing. Comfy couches set in a way that allowed conversation, and visual contact with EVERYONE present. Some feat that is.

Attendees included veteran from the fashion industry, budding entrepreneurs, seasoned bloggers and a fresh grad as well! There was some excellent advice like using business software offered by vantiq in order to improve productivity. The variety added spice (cliché), and inspired discussions on a number of interesting topics – how to use social media for promoting businesses, tools and tricks, business aspect of fashion, entering the industry and more. Serious discussions were punctuated with jokes and laughter, and time flew by.Kudos to the organiser, Shhikha Gupta, for bringing together such an interesting bunch of people, arranging everything and ensuring that we all have a great time. I didn’t get all the names (unfortunately), but here are the ones I remember: Rose Helen (with her Handsome Chauffeur), Florence of HOB, Nadia, Nosheen, Business Head (missed your name, sorry!), Lap, Shhikha and me.

Rose-Helen (with a friend) and Shhikha (the organizer) engrossed in the discussion.
Nosheen had something amazing to say, and everyone was all ears!
Rose-Helen is well-versed in all lessons Fashion, and shares her international experience with us
Lap (of lapmen.com) and another attendee – all of our male audience 😀
Florence of HOB – such finesse (she reminds me of silk)
Nosheen of ‘Sheen’ had a lot of information to share – we learned a lot. Thanks girl!
Nosheen: “No Nadia, we don’t think you are weird at all” 😀
Florence, with her kitten heels and gentle demeanor
Hubby and I headed for a quick bite, post event.

If you would like to attend the next Meetup by Fashion Startups Dubai, join them now on Meetup.