My sister and I chanced upon Nishat Linen’s outlet at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. While browsing through bags, I saw the exact same bag that I had bought a month ago from Shoe Express in Dubai! I was shocked to see a brand like Nishat stocking otherwise goods under their brand name. They didn’t temper with the original label, but have never communicated their stocking antics either. 

I bought the bag for Dh100, which comes down to PKR2,800. The tag at Nishat said PKR3,300, but with 25% off (there’s a sale going on), we got it for PKR2,475 – A pretty decent bargain. Also, the material is pretty tough, promising usage for a long period. And the red is just the perfect shade for bags. 

How do you like our purchase? And did you know about Nishat stocking other brands under their label? Do let us know!