There is an unsaid rule about neutral eyeshadow palettes – you can’t have enough. I was on a lookout for yet another neutral eyeshadow palette, ideally travel size, which could save me from looking unkempt at unscheduled meetings and come handy when dinner was “spontaneously” planned. I was searching, reading reviews, and experimenting, until I arrived at MUA.

I had heard quite a lot about MUA’s Heaven and Earth Shadow Palette, and decided on finally ordering it. I couldn’t’ find it at any of the stores I usually haunt, so bought it online from Just4Girls.

If you fancy neutral eye makeup for daily wear, this palette is the answer to your prayers. From translucent shimmer to smudged kohl, this palette has timeless shades for all skin tones (and looks exceptional if you have light eye colour).

Let’s face it – my first choice was Urban Decay’s Naked Eye Shadow Palette. But the price tag had me wincing – especially when the palette was required for daily, impromptu use. I searched for an alternate and found a dupe in MUA’s Heaven and Earth Palette. And I have been more than pleased with the discovery. All the shades have subtle shimmer in it, with great pigmentation that blends easily to give a soft texture. On top of it all, it is very easy on pocket – Rs.750 (from Just4Girls).

None of the shades are matte, so you will be disappointed if you are looking for shades without shimmery undertones. Despite the sparkles, all shades are super wearable, all through the day to night. Every shade complements dusky complexion – from warm taupe to autumn orange and deep browns; there are three highlighters as well for inner corners and emphasizing eyebrows.  If you love doing quick smokey eyes like I do, you are in for a treat.

At a recent bloggers’ meetup, a fellow blogger complained about rashes on her eyelids after using MUA’s eye shadows, which surprised the rest of us. Many of us have been using MUA for quite some time, and no one has had a bad experience. So, it is most likely that you won’t either. But please test it on the back of your hand before using it on your eyes.

CC Verdict: Absolutely worth it. Buy it as soon as you see it available (for they are mostly out of stock).

How to create a neutral look with MUA’s Heaven and Earth:

Sweep one of the lighter shades under the eyebrow and on top of the lids, followed by any of the darker, bronze shades on the lids. Finish it with a thin eyeliner, and a coat of mascara.