For those who are unaware of favicon, it is the small picture (usually 16px x 16px in size) you see beside some some site’s name in your browser’s address bar.
We decided to personalize our webspace and uploaded a customized favicon. Have you checked it out yet? Comments please!

For those who are wondering how to accomplish this daunting feat, here’s a simple tutorial from Help Blogger – I used the same method. Here it goes:

1. From your Blogger’s dashboard, go to the ‘Layout’ tab and click on the Edit link on the “Favicon” element

2. A pop up window will appear, asking you to upload a square picture to be used as your favicon. It cannot be above 100KB. Browse the image, check out the preview and save – voila! You are done!

It may take up to 24 hours for your favicon to appear, so do not panic. Wait it out and if you still can’t see it, write to us.
Happy writing and reading people!
(P.S. if you are feeling rather ambitious and want an animated favicon, checkout the instructions at Help Blogger)