Dubai is as multicultural as it gets. There’s hardly any color, caste, religion and roots that you will have trouble finding here. Dominant are people from Philippines, Jordan, Sudan, India, Pakistan and some parts of Africa. You will also come across Europeans, Americans and British tossed here and there, adding their rich flavor of education, modernism and civilization.
Although you meet a lot of people in Dubai, it’s rather difficult to form friendships as this place is known to be “transitional”. There are people leaving and coming in ALWAYS, replacing the ones you were almost getting used to. That’s another thing about this golden land that we cherish.
Anyway, when I first visited this place last year, my now-husband suggested that I create a profile on and attend the ones that I like. This is how I discovered Dubai Downtown.
For those who do not know about Meetup, here’s an overview: its a social platform that allows people of similar interests, living in close proximity of each other, to meet up and make friends. It’s a great way to network and socialize, and has an astonishing number of members. 

As suggested, I became a part of this forum and this is how I landed at a bloggers’ Meetup – Barajeel Bloggers. Faisal Latif, the man driving this group, brought together a diverse bunch of people, with one thing common: love for blogging.


The Meetup was held at Le Pain Quotidienne, near 21 Century Tower. N and I were running late, and were the last ones to arrive. We were greeted by a group of 12-15 people, most of them involved in a PowerPoint Faisal was presenting. There was an engaging flow of questions by new bloggers, and informative answers and case studies shared by the experienced ones. There were jokes and laughter throughout, and some great stories were shared as well.

This lasted for about an hour and half after we had arrived, and we all parted with promises to meet again. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible for us due to our personal engagements but we shall definitely try and make it to the next one. Also, I would suggest this group to all the people who live in Dubai and would like to learn a thing or two about blogging.
Oh, and do you know that we have our very own group on Meetup as well by the name of “Dubai Fashionistas”? Yes, we do! Feel free to join us at our next Meetup; here’s the path:
Hope to see you there!