14th of August has dual importance for me – it’s Pakistan’s independence day and my parents’ wedding anniversary as well. So we had to make a plan that did justice to both events; therefore, we decided to watch a Pakistani movie!

If I remember correctly, three movies were to be released on Eid in Pakistan – Waar, Mai Shahid Afridi Ho and Josh. Waar’s release was delayed for unknown reasons, Mai Shahid Afridi Ho didn’t appeal too much and Josh had one of my favorite actors; so we decided to watch Josh.

A little history for you – When I was working as the Editor for Sensation Magazine, I interviewed Aamina and Mohib at their residence in Karachi, and it was an absolute pleasure. Such easy going, entertaining and hospitable couple they are! Since then, I have been in love with them, and am a loyal fan.

One of our favorite couples!

And this is what got me to watching Josh.

I had high expectations. I have seen both of them on silver screen and was confident that the movie would be worth it. But, I wasn’t right – not absolutely.

What I loved about the movie…

  • It has a happy ending. Not the guy-girl marries and live happily after kind, but the one that gives you hope.
  • The story was very real. It hit home with everyone who lives in Karachi (or Pakistan)
  • Aamina did a great job on screen. She was completely involved in the character, and her presence could be felt throughout.
What disappointed me….
  • The direction was very very VERY weak.
  • Too many faces with hardly any substantial role to play.
  • Cinematography was amateurish, to say the least. I have seen better soaps on HUM and GEO
  • The story was weak; it just won’t build up. No climaxes (Indian movies have spoiled  us), high or lows throughout. The monotone had some people in the audience yawning *iWitnessed*
A still from the movie…
Young faces from the movie; there are more!
It won’t harm you to watch it, and make your own opinion. However, I do hope my favorite people chose movies with a better team than this, a team that does justice to their talent.