Women are fussy; choosing between the red dress and black top are serious issues for us, because they really are. And it should be for all human species.
But the news is, it isn’t.
Before I go ahead, here’s a little background for you: Lately, I often casually ask N random, no-consequential things. He would always say yes, or whatever you like honey. Smart man, I know. But I also know he is one of the most honest and straightforward men I have ever come across. I was pretty perplexed about this “accommodating” behavior and was worried. Looking at me (read: pitying me), N sat me down and explained a few things about men. And the way they think. Ladies, it is a valuable piece of advice, so sit tight and read ahead.
Men don’t fuss over petty things, and not because they don’t care. They are genuinely okay with whatever we decide. Many of them aren’t picky about most of the things. So, when a man says he’ll eat whatever is available for dinner, he means it. No sarcasm, double-meaning or hidden agenda. Don’t read too much between the lines.
At the same time, some domains are restricted and you should try not to venture in their direction. Now these domains are unique to every man; the common ones are technology, politics, sports, property and accessories. They aren’t interesting anyway.
You know, there is something I have realized in my 3 months of marital bliss – men are not complicated at all. They are simple and mostly straight forward. They can bend all ways for a lady they truly value, and can be unbelievable b******* if crossed the wrong way. Be peaceful and offer companionship, and you can wave all the marital-troubles goodbye.
Do you have any secrets about the opposite gender? Feel free to share in the comment box below!