Coconut Oil Can be Your Beauty Regime – ALL OF IT!

Forget about argan oil. All I hear everywhere I go is how awesome coconut oil is for pretty much everything. So I decided to walk around smelling like a Mounds bar (the most underrated candy bar of them all, by the way) for two days in the name of beauty. I gave up all my favorite hair and skin care products–and wow, do I use a lot!–and used coconut oil instead.
I was inspired by this fantastic story on Well + Good NYC. In it, they list out all the potential uses for coconut oil, and get them all proven or debunked by a cosmetic chemist. Turns out that coconut oil is legit. It can be a substitute for pretty much any product you currently use on your face or hair.
I trekked over to Whole Foods and got a huge tub ($12) of “unrefined organic coconut oil” in the beauty department. The saleswoman there said that I could have just as easily gone to the oil aisle and grabbed one of the “cooking” coconut oils because they were the same. I still felt better buying it in the beauty department. Because then I’m not actually putting food on my hair.
When I got home I opened up the tub and was expecting to see liquid, which is generally what I think of when I envision oil. But this looked like solidified Crisco. However, it liquefies pretty quickly when it hits the warmth of your hands. Also, yes, it smells really coconut-y.
I spent a few hours trolling the internet and Makeup Alley, and after deciding to ignore all the horror stories about people breaking out in hives the minute the oil hits their skin, I just decided to go for it.
Click through for all of my experiences using nothing but coconut oil for two whole days, including my very disturbing calculations about how much money I could save if I ditched all my current products and just used the oil instead. (And a warning for those who may be inspired to try this yourself: Your significant other will make a lot of stupid jokes about piña coladas and coconut Easter lamb cakes. Just ignore him. That’s what I did.)
This amazing write up has been produced by Cheryl Wischhover at Fashionista.


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