The Eastern Phenomenon – Saving for “Tomorrow”

I was wasting time on Facebook (as usual) when I saw a relative’s pictures from her latest vacation to Spain. I turned to N and said, “these guys are so lucky. Traveling to cool places every now and then. Why can’t we do it too?”
After a minute he said, “because we are brought up in the savings culture. We do not have health insurance to cover us if we fall sick, decent government hospitals that use tax revenue to provide free health care, we have never seen free education or retirement benefits; we do it all ourselves. And work, for today and tomorrow”.

This made so much sense. Sense of deprivation has made us… Different. We are cautious, and maybe that makes us intelligent too. But the point I am trying to make here is that the lack of support from government can alter nations. And while this has made us smarter and independent, it also took a greedy bite out of our relaxation loaf.

I am not implying that we (Pakistanis) don’t go for vacations. We do, or at least most of us. Some venture out twice a year as well. However, our mind functions in a much different way than our western counterparts. We save for tomorrow and then spend today.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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