It’s a Thursday night – weekend has begun for us pseudo Emiratis. But guess what? I am in my PJs, with greasy hair, sitting in front of this laptop since afternoon, completing a project that is giving me nightmares. My back aches, I bored my husband to sleep and I can’t seem to focus on the project anymore.
I need to whine – about nothing in particular. Life could be so happening, if it weren’t for this project. I could have written my long pending review of Mercedes launch that N and I attended last week. I could probably fix that ad I promised a client, or email her that I am about to refund her payment because I have absolutely no time (with a heartfelt apology, obviously). Or I could go out to the Ramadan Night Market as we had planned. But I can’t really do any of these, or more, because of this project!! I could actually scream out of frustration.
Anyway. Thank you, if you are still reading this. And you are a gem if you haven’t labeled me as senile yet. And I would love a soothing word from you. See you at the comment box!