Presenting THE ROYAL BABY!

Announcing the birth, with a difference! 


It is almost criminal to not write about the royal baby! The nameless bundle of joy was born to Kate Middleton and Prince William as of 7.24pm UAE time on July 23rd 2013 (the same day as my best friend!). No, I am not trying to steal the little man’s limelight – it just occurred to me and I shared.
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their newborn son
She makes child birth look like a breeze – still so gorgeous and put together.
And the wave! But the smiles arrest you before you can wander away…
A battalion of reporters were said to be waiting at St. Mary’s Hospital in London for the news and glimpse of the royal family. Their prayers were finally answered when Duchess of Cambridge arrived with William and their son, to be greeted by loud cheers from well-wishers. She looked radiant in a custom cornflower blue crêpe de chine dress covered in white polka dots from one of her trusty favorite designers, Jenny Packham. Her choice was instantly picked up by the press, and compared with the outfit worn by William’s late mother, Diana, when she posed on the same doorstep with her first-born son in a green spotted dress. To us, Kate looked relaxed and happy while Diana seemed a little overwhelmed. Regardless, the parenthood has both mothers glowing.
The crowd cheers the much loved royal family.
Coincidence? Or a thoughtful ode to the darling husband’s late mom?
William was reported to be in high spirits, saying how special this moment is for them. He also chuckled when commenting that ‘he’s got way more hair than me,’ and “he has got her looks, thankfully.” The couple looked thrilled, and had already begun their rounds of nappy changes and dealing with ‘strong lungs’ (read: wails).
We wish the couple and the baby all the health and happiness of the world. He is a super cute munchkin – won’t you agree?


He’s so cute!! And can you see that hand – it’s almost waving the royal way 😀



Duke carries the child, and shows the world he’s ready to be the best father any son could ever have – way to go William!


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