I am not particularly fond of animals. I won’t purposely hurt them but I won’t go out of my way to care for one either. This is why I never went anywhere near the aquarium and under water zoo at Dubai Mall.

Yesterday, however, N and I ventured in that direction and were awed.
Underwater tunnel at Dubai Mall is an artificial tunnel of about 70 meters, with a wide variety of sea animals inhabiting it. from small yellow and purple fishes to sharks and sting rays, it’s an interesting sites. Most of the tourists use it as a fancy backdrop for pictures, while kids innocently tap on the glass (rather aggressively) to get fishes’ attention. Entry to the tunnel is about AED 70, and there are other options (like diving with sharks and boat ride), should you fancy it. We just passed up and saw it from the outside. I am sure the inside of the tunnel would be even more fascinating. I had never seen  a shark or heard of sting ray (until recently), and seeing them in real was amazing – do you know that sting ray’s upper skin has a cheetah pattern… like kinky lingerie or Gothic shirts – interesting, indeed!
Right next to the tunnel is a rain-forest cafe and shop, which stocks animal teddy bears, fake snakes,elephants, crocodile, etc. The ceiling is covered with artificial tree branches and leaves, giving a surreal feel to the place. Not as impressive as the tunnel, the place still had its own subtle charm.
If you are in the vicinity with children, it is highly recommended that you pay a visit. It will be an interesting experience – four kids and you as well.
These ferocious sea monsters were unbelievably well-behaved – Sharks at The Aquarium – Dubai Mall


Sting Ray, a fish that creates electricity to kill you! Our world is full of wonders…