Chronicles of Relocation: Bad, Bad Skin!

My skin is at it’s lowest low nowadays. Since I moved to Dubai, it just hasn’t been itself. It’s flaky, peeling, dry and looks grey – permanently. Being without a female troupe (read mom and sisters), I feel as lost as it gets. I can’t decide what moisturizer, face wash or mask I should get. Yes, I can’t decide. I have been dishing out advises and taking care of my skin (rather nicely) all these years; yet, I can’t come up with a single product right now. It only gets worse because aisles here have unknown brands and names, which I can neither relate to or trust.


Nothing has me THIS depressed in quite some time. When I do find the courage of pick up a product, say a prayer and get my skin back, I shall let you know. Till then, drop in an advice (tried and tested) and/or a prayer.
(P.S. i am considering honey and milk, for now)

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