Employment Escapades – Episode 1

When N (my husband) was offered a job in Dubai, UAE and we heard gunshots next day outside our apartment in Karachi, Pakistan, the decision was pretty much made. He signed the offer letter and flew two weeks later. He will now process my visa, so I can follow. But it isn’t as simple as that. A lot has to happen before I relocate.
I have been working since I was 16. It was always out of choice and for the love of independence it ensures. Relocating to another country as a house wife is easy; moving out as a professional isn’t. I had to find a job, for my sanity’s sake. Some suggested I venture out as an entrepreneur, but I knew I was not there, yet. So employment it has to be.
The day N decided to leave, I made an account on Bayt and posted a Guerrilla style resume, it’s not like I can just look at the best staffing agency in Colorado.
I have had no luck. I had set job alerts and all that, but I haven’t heard from anyone – even though it has been two weeks! It was one big blow. Did I not have enough experience? Am I not qualified enough? Am I about to FAIL? It was hard to digest. I registered at Naukri Gulf, Gulf Monster, Retail Choice and many other portals that I stumbled upon.
Zilch. Nada.
I am about to fly off in a week, and I don’t even have an interview scheduled, let alone a job offer. It was depressing. Something, somewhere, wasn’t right. But what? And then it hit me:
I googled about Guerilla resumes and found my answer on the first page of organic results. Here’s why a guerilla resume doesn’t work, as explained by an HR expert:
“…Well this is really nothing more than a dressed up functional resume that lacks sufficient detail. It’s not the way things are done. This resume leaves out particulars that we would like know before an interview takes place.”
This was truer for me because I was applying for a job in a country where no one knows my current employer, what we do and cannot relate to the brief description I had provided. Also, my contact information did not suggest, in any way, if I am ready to relocate or have a spouse’s visa (and will not require sponsorship).
Lesson learnt: Resumes are important. Pay attention to them. Do not make a general resume – okay, make one. But also create a specialized one for the positions you are interested in. For example, I am going to make one for Magazine Editor, Digital Marketing, Writer and a general one. Other important pointers include:
  • include local contact details
  • portray your capability, experience and expertise aptly
  • some people swear by job portals, though I am not convinced. But what do you have to lose?
  • two page resume is better than one, if done right
  • dig out your contacts and see who can help
  • network via LinkedIn
  • know your employers – mine would have to be ITP or Motivate, if not Hearst *fingers crossed*
Wish me luck – God knows I need it!
(P.S. And I wrote “Can’t Find a Job”, Say the Loser. Talk about falling flat on your face!)

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