Men have been going bonkers trying to figure out what makes their ladies happy (or maybe less cranky). Guess what dear men? We have the answer right here for you. Presenting 20 things that make women happy, confident and amazing creatures to be around:

  1. Getting asked out on a date.
  2. Receiving a compliment from a friend or partner.
  3. Having a really good hair day.
  4. Looking great in a photograph.
  5. Really (really!) smooth legs.
  6. A fabulous night’s sleep.
  7. Cuddling. Any time, any place, any age.
  8. Hearing “I love you.”
  9. Coming home from vacation with a golden glow (don’t forget the sunblock).
  10. Being on the receiving end of a stranger’s smile.
  11. New knickers!
  12. Being told you look young.
  13. A friend asking, “Where did you get that?”
  14. Finding the perfect outfit.
  15. A child saying you look pretty.
  16. Waking up pimple-free.
  17. Freshly-tweezed (perfect) eyebrows.
  18. A brand-new manicure.
  19. A perfect makeup job.
  20. Favorite fashion item on sale

Now, some of the above might make you think “how shallow”, but you mustn’t forget that beggars cannot be choosers. So, use them to your benefit and see how beautiful a happy woman can make you. Best of luck!

Reference: Yahoo!