I was on a hunt for some funky-chunky accessories, to shake off the I-am-recently-married look. A online-shopaholic friend of mine recommended a few Facebook stores that sell accessories the kind I was looking for. Amongst them all, I really liked what En Vogue Boulevard had to offer, and ordered four sets of earrings. This was yesterday. And I received them all today via mail!

This is what it all looked like:

In a shabbily packed postal bag came this pretty looking lavender box with sunny trimmings.


This unique piece looks much better in real (compared to the picture). Deep wood-brown can be paired with a lot of colors and I am really happy with this addition to my jewelry box!


It’s almost edible! This off-white candy look alike dangling earrings can be worn just like this, or you can flip it for golden bling.


Copper meets gold – A friend has borrowed them already and paired it with her pale aqua shirt (that has subtle thread work in beige). It lifted her look instantly


I instantly wore them, to match my navy blue top with gold chain, black skinny and red shoes. It looked amazing – or so I was told!

The only downside was the price. I got the above 4 pair of earrings for Rs.1990. Inspite of myself, I didn’t wince much for it saved me the trip, time and spending money in the mall on things I really don’t need. So, I would suggest my dear readers to check En Vogue Boulevard out and see if you like anything.

Your comments and reviews will be welcome, like always!