I burn water. That’s a universal fact and a testament of my culinary skills.

But behold! It is about to change.

Being a married girl, I have decided to undertake the challenge known as “cooking”. I am no fan of slaving in the kitchen but the bliss on Nouman’s face after devouring a good meal makes it absolutely worth it. Thus, the endeavor.

I have so far made paratha (out of yesterday’s chapati and the frozen ones), fried eggs, omelet, nihari, chicken pulao, fries, tea, coffee (really bad one) and instant noodles. Most of tem were under strict supervision of my mom.

Post marriage, I have made fried potatoes, which were okay-ish. Tomorrow, I plan to make pancakes for breakfast (for the first time ever). I have my fingers crossed – let’s see how they turn out. I shall keep you posted.

Till then, adios!