20 Reasons to Vote!

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Pakistan is riding high on positivity and enthusiasm. It’s the Election Day tomorrow, and we are almost vibrating with excitement. We cannot wait for the night to pass, and for the time to vote to arrive. Millions of people, way above 18, are going to vote for the first time tomorrow – because they want change, a better today for themselves and prosperous tomorrow for the children. We understand now that flying out of Pakistan, getting dual nationality and re-inventing ones-self is not a solution (not for everyone at least). We are becoming a responsible nation – finally.

This sums up 3 of the reasons you must, must, MUST vote. The other 17 are in the form of goodies you get when you vote! Eatries and retailers across the city are offering enticing rewards to voters, only to ensure maximum number of people go out and vote. Like ECP chairman said, if around 60% of the people of Pakistan vote, we can change the face of Pakistan for sure.

Once done with voting, you can cash in your reward for being a responsible citizen of Pakistan at the following places (offering freebies, discounts and more!):















Deal or no deal people, it’s time to take matters in to our own hands before its too late. All the best…May the best man win!

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