I don’t know how to describe what I feel. I am getting married in 2 weeks… And it’s a feeling like no other. There is a very complex combination of feelings at play, and I can’t decide which one’s the most potent.

I am happy, for I am marrying my perfect man. He’s all that I wanted in my man and more. It took us a while to reach to this stage, and he made more efforts than me. At every step, he stood by me and helped us through. I am a difficult person but he accepted me with all my flaws abd mistakes. Suffice is to say that I am extremely lucky to be loved by a man like him.

Then I feel scared of all the relationships and responsibilities that will shadow me till my last breath. Responsibility of a wife, who cooks, cleans, wakes up before everyone, goes to bed after everyone and lives more for others than herself. I know that’s how it is because I have seen my mom live like this… But she has managed to stay sane and loving.

Then I am worried. What if someone is shot, there is a chaos in the city, and people can’t make it? There is unexpected downpour.. Food goes distasteful. I mean ANYTHING can go wrong, right? And that, my friend, rightfully scares me.

It’s overwhelming. But I look forward to it… Because of HIM.