Bridal Trousseau: Casual Conversation

I spent better part of my day at work. This is why I am ensuring that I have enough clothes to last me a month after wedding. If you know me personally, you would know denim is my best friend, for a number of reasons: 1) no need to iron 2) no dupatta hassle and 3) comfortable. However, I wouldn’t want to offend people by joining workforce in jeans post-marriage (at least not immediately). Thus, I needed quite a few casual dresses for work.

I have bought a few so far. Most of them are malai lawn or linen, with thread work or embossed velvet on them. Some of them have embroidery on front, some back, some both and one with thread work around the hemline.

I chose them for their bright colors, simplicity and grown-up-outlook. They aren’t a lot of hassle, as you can skip the hunt for perfect laces and frills as the embroidery can be self sufficient.

Other than that, there are quite a few decent stores offering ready-to-wear casual dresses that are chic and affordable. I bought shirts and dresses from Change, Rang Ja, Beach Tree, Exclusive, etc (I can’t recall all the names).

Where to buy from:
We really liked the variety of un-stitched shirts at gulf shopping mall, Karachi. For ready-made dress, check out Dolmen Mall and The Forum.

Price range:
It starts from around Rs. 600 for a shirt, and increases upto Rs. 1800 if you choose something really fancy. Add cost for trousers, dupatta, simple laces and stitching and you are looking at something between Rs. 2500 – Rs. 5000.
Ready to Wear: Rs.4,000 – Rs.8,000.

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