The Original Lawn Becomes Cotton-ish!

I am not a lawn fan, nor do I believe in “designer” lawn. It’s a humble fabric, known for its convenience and seasonal compliance. Adding fancy laces and such makes it fashionable, yes, but designer – I beg to differ.
Despite knowing it all, I went to Gul Ahmed to check out their lawn. They aren’t designer, mind you. I asked for their latest collection and they gave me a catalog to browse through and choose from.
It wasn’t impressive. I had recently bought lawn from Nishat Linen and their collection was much better. Prints and designs were reborn from yesteryear’s, and most disappointing was the fabric. It was more cotton than lawn – stiff, lacked flow and very homely (no offense).
After going through the catalog, short listing a few and seeing the actual fabric of them all, I choose one. I liked, not loved, it. But after an almost 8-hours long shopping trip, I just wanted to be done with it.
The real bummer was the price tag. In my dazed state, I saw the price tag saying Rs.4500 (I know – exorbitant) but when I went over the cash counter, and the man said Rs.5,500 please, my jaw almost hit the floor. But like an idiot, I took out the card and violated plastic money, once again.
Verdict: It might be original (because they say so!) but it was definitely average for CC. Do not fall for the glam pictures in the catalog – it’s called Photoshop.

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