Sharmila, Nazia and Mehreen get Hitched!

Last week we shared with you the news of Mehreen Syed’s Nikkah; she wore white dress, and look absolutely stunning. Soon after, we got to know that designer-and-morning-show-host, Nazia Malik also got married to husband Imran Khan. They actually make a very cute couple, although I have never been a fan of either.

Politics in Pakistan is not far behind the entertainment industry when it comes to creating drama and sensation. These days when wedding bells are ringing loud in the entertainment industry, It is now the stunning Sgarmila Farooqi, a politician belonging to PPP, jumping on the band wagon. She recently got engaged to a fellow politician, Hasham, and is said to be deeply in the love with her fiance. She wore  gorgeous Sana Safinaz.

CC wishes Mehreen, Nazia and Sharmila loads of wedding bliss.

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