For over a year, I have been loyal to Aphey for haircuts and color. She does a fine job and doesn’t dent my pocket either. That said, I had been itching for a cut for some time, but with my wedding in less than 3 months, I wasn’t sure. I wouldn’t dare. My hair were dead, with ends so brittle I could make a broom out of them. I would wishfully browse through haircut catalogs, making a list of all those that I wanted. But the sparkling gem on my ring finger would hold me back.

Till I could take no longer.

A friend had been singing praises of Meher’s Salon for quite some time and I decided to experiment. I was assured that if I asked for Meher (the owner), she will make sure I don’t lose precious inches. I had no reason to betray Aphey but I still went ahead to reserve an appointment.

I arrived at the salon after battling traffic jam and hunting for a parking space (I detest Zamzama for this reason only – parking is a nightmare!). Anyway, I arrived a little late (as usual), and was taken for a hair wash almost immediately. I have had better hair washes to be honest; the woman was very nice and kept on singing praises of Meher (when I inquired) but she wasn’t very thorough with the wash.

After the wash, I was asked to be seated, and that Meher would arrive in a few minutes. This was when I looked around. The salon is a two-floor established; the ground floor is used for hair-related and other day-to-day services (threading, waxing, etc). It was clean, with modern interiors and amenities. Servers weren’t giggling but were also not bending all ways to make customers comfortable. For example, nobody asked if I needed a drink or coffee.

While I was absorbing my surroundings, a young woman (who looked like she was in her late twenties but is actually a few years ahead) came to me and introduced herself as Meher. She was dressed in patterned navy blue corduroy, flimsy white collar shirt underneath a black off-shoulder t-shirt. Her hair were a beautiful honey brown, with dark tresses underneath the bright ones. Her appearance assured me that I was in the right hands. She was congenial, asked what I wanted and what my reservations were. And then got to work.

During the haircut, she took a call (from Saba Ansari) and counseled a client who wanted her hair colored. Although she was multi-tasking, I didn’t once feel like she was neglecting my hair. She cut off some of the dead ends, refreshed the rest and cut the second layer shorter than the first to add volume.

When she was done, I was to myself “hmmm”. It wasn’t a disaster (thanks to God & Meher), but it wasn’t “wow” either. I think the constraint (my wedding) had her super cautious with scissors, and she didn’t chop off what wasn’t absolutely necessary. Blow dry followed, and I have had much, much better blow dries done by Aphey. I went to pay, and it almost made me wince when the woman said “Rs 4,500, please”. I have had fab haircuts for half the cost, seriously! I later on found out that I could have gotten cuts for less at Meher, if I hadn’t opted for the woman-in-charge.

I won’t say I regret it; however it did a little feel bad when I had to tell my friends that I have had a haircut for they couldn’t tell otherwise. Besides when I handed over the cash *sigh*