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Mad Hatters Tea Room opened its kitchen operations in 2012. It all started when Roomana Nasir (the Chief Mad Hatter), having returned from living abroad, could not find the food she had grown up with and had a developed a taste for. She wanted the traditional high tea food that catered to her palate. Having looked just about everywhere and not succeeding, Roomana decided to take matters into her own hands and make them at home. 
From light lunches to teas with close friends and family, the demand for her “non-desified” food started. Word starting spreading and she found herself baking for teas and lunches for people who contacted her, but did not know personally. One thing led to another and she decided to give her work an identity. Consulting with her husband and daughters, they came up with the name “Mad Hatters Tea Room”. It’s an in-house project of the family in which their individual talents are put to work. Roomana explains, “The finished dish has so many components behind it. There is supply of ingredients, the organization of the baking process, tastings of new items on the menu, improvements, hygiene. All these factors require attention which my in-house team is constantly at work on. The baking is done 100% by me, but without the team and their input, we would not have grown so much in such little time.”
The concept behind Mad Hatters Tea Room is to cater to those people who are looking for authentic and original flavours of food available in Britain. She doesn’t believe in localizing tastes or changing the essence of a dish. The menu lists traditional lunch and tea items found in local tea houses and cafes in Britain. They have catered to a tea for 4 to a party of over 100 people.
Over time, Mad Hatters Tea Room has added new things to its menu, but believes that it is not the quantity of items on the menu that shows success, it is the Quality. They only add to the menu once it has been tried, tested and approved by the team.
The process of ordering is very simple. With just one call/text/email/facebook message, you get all the information you require. Mad Hatters Tea Room have a prompt and friendly service network and can be tailored to suit your budget. 


Some of the offerings from their extensive menu include:


Contact Details: 
Phone No: 03008284454
Facebook Page: Mad Hatters Tea Room