That’s what I asked several people, and spoiler alert: they’d want food—and lots of it. Sex as well—and lots of that too. The amount of sex that you’d see in a video –
that’s how much we’re talking.

My perfect six-word Valentine’s? “Internet, phone: dead. You, me: present.” 

Here are some other gems from friends:

  • “Dinner plus Nutella plus lingerie. Sex.”
  • “A warm bed and friendly eyes.”
  • “Side-by-side reading a book.”
  • “Food, sex, music, dancing, whiskey, sex.”
  • “Strolling hand-in-hand with you.”
  • “Order takeout and watch Terminator 2.”
  • “Go out with friends. Boys suck.”
  • “Green tea, warm cookies, gentle laughter.”
  • “Beach sex underneath a meteor shower.”
  • “Cuddling, puppies, dessert, sex, beltline jog.”
  • “Menage a trois in Shangri La.”
  • “Gentle hugs, long walk, feeling connected.”
  • “Reading Calvin and Hobbes together…naked.”
  • “Play hookey. Sexy picnic. No reservations.”
  • “Back massage. Sex. Hot meal. Sex.”
  • “Hand lotion. Lots of hand lotion.”
  • “A burrito with a special fellow.”
  • “Sweatpants, home-cooked meal, hanky panky.”
  • “Innovations in the kitchen and bedroom.”
  • The Wire, burgers, and garlic fries.”
  • “Sharing a sunset on the pier.”
  • “Just another Thursday. Just. Another. Thursday.”

In exactly six words, what’s your perfect Valentine’s Day?

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