Let me begin with this: Pizza Hut turned me off pizzas for a long time. I hated the thickness of dough, lack of gooey cheese and filling meat, and would steer clear from their tasteless offerings whenever I could.

And then, Axact added pizza to its menu. The overdose of cheese on an oven hot pizza with spicy sauce had me salivating and I converted – I became a pizza lover.

Today, we were at work, hungry and the kitchen at work was closed to prepare for an event scheduled in the evening. Hunger pangs were getting louder by the minute; and then a colleague suggested we order in New York Pizza. We hadn’t tried this place before but thought, how bad can a pizza be? We placed an order for a splitza, with New York Special and Beef Pepperoni.

In about 45 mins, the pizza was delivered. I knew it was going to be about 21″ in diameter, but it looked so much bigger! Ketchup, chilli flakes and sauces also came along, and we all dug in.

It was yum. I had Beef Pepperoni – which had the right amount of meat, cheese and veggies. And when I bit into the crust… It was heavenly. It had a concoction of mayo, cheese and garlic. In all honesty, that one bite made the experience worth it. They had cleverly transformed the most hated part of the pizza to a yumilicious terrain *thumbs up*

Verdict: NYP is definitely Cherry Cross approved and recommended. Check out their website, www.nyp.com.pk, for menu and contact details.