I have been meaning to post pictures of our latest purchases for quite some time; and I wanted it to be fancy. I tried photo-shopping, creating online collage, and almost everything else to make it glam – and failed. So, here are unadulterated clicks for you. Check out captions for store and cost details!


We got these gorgeously formal earrings from Teens & Kids for Rs.350. It can brighten up any formal evening wear and is a must have! Store: Teens & Kids (The Forum). Price: Rs. 595
For some bizarre reason, we couldn’t help purchasing them. A little too blingy for our taste but so unusual! Imagine – a silvery moonlight shirt with fuchsia pink stone work around hem and end of sleeves. Interesting, no? Store: Teens & Kids (The Forum). Price: Rs.350


*Sigh* have you seen anything more breath-taking than this? Well, I am sure you must have but this did manage to make us skip a beat. It’s the perfect red, with long chain strap for additional oomph. We had to dig it out from the back of the shelves at Walk Eaze (The Forum). Price: Rs.1400 (approx)



I never thought I would buy white frames, but it actually looks quite fab against tan skin (even if we say so ourselves). This Tom Ford rip-off was for Rs.895 only at Teens & Kids (The Forum)
I am known to force shoes into resignation within a month. So, a staple addition to our shoe-collection from Walk Ease (The Forum) for Rs.1100


This was pure greed – we admit. We loved white shades but couldn’t possibly not buy red ones when they were begging to be off the shelf and on us? So, we bought this Rs. 675 worth of shades from Teens & Kids (The Forum). We just had to!