We divided these culprits into passable and downright Yugh. Which category should we start with? Hmmm…Passables must come first.

The Passables:

 I have always like Madhuri Dixit. She’s beautiful, elegant, dresses her age and never goes wrong. Even here, she didn’t go wrong but did fail to wow us. The Alberto Makali gown is gorgeous, but is not “madhuri” enough. Maybe if the dress wasn’t flappy around the bust and jewelry more blingy than it was, she might have crawled up to the list of best dressed.


Amrita Rao’s Alkesh Ramwani gown would have been perfect, sans the midnight-velvet jacket. What was she thinking, we wonder? On second thoughts, it might nit have looked off-the-track on someone else, like Deepika Pudukone. It just wasn’t one of Amrita’s best.

Illeane D’Cruz looked almost wow to us, had the lower half of her dress kept up with the upper half. The bling and happy confidence is almost tangible; maybe a stitch to fix the wayward skirt might help the luungi-inspiration to tone down to the right levels.

Let’s keep the “Yughs” for the next post, shall we?