We, at Cherry Cross, swear by online shopping. We earlier shared “7 Reasons Why Shopping Online Beats Regular Shopping!” and today review one of our many purchases from an online retail store.

Branded Collection” is one of the many pages that I have liked on Facebook, with the intent of purchasing their products at some point in time. And 3 days ago, my intent changed into action and I ordered a red wallet from their collection of “Colorful Wallets”.

Ordering Process:
Like most of Facebook-Retailers, Branded Collection also showcases their collection on Facebook and takes orders via personal message.  I browsed through their album and found a wallet that I really liked. To place an order, I messaged them. I got a prompt reply, with details of payment mode and delivery charges. I was to expect the delivery within 3-4 days. The wallet was for Rs.800 and Rs.130 would be delivery charges (no free delivery here).

Delivery & Payment:
Most of the people call before sending in their delivery guys. Branded Collection didn’t. So naturally, I wasn’t prepared. I could have been out of office, out of cash, in a meeting or a gazillion other possibilities. Anyway, I collected that parcel (delivered in a brown enveloped, secured with scotch tapes), and had to arrange for the change as the delivery guy didn’t have any.

Product – Picture & Reality!
I was happy to see my wallet. It was the right red, its zip wasn’t orangish-red (I was almost sure it will be!) and the material was decent. The size was perfect to hold all the immediate necessities, and the detachable strap allows me to carry it otherwise as well.
On the flip side, the edges could have been neater. Also, the front flap is meant to hold cards but doesn’t have a zip. The button to lock the flap would not be able to secure the cards (making the flap almost useless).

For Rs.930, the product was satisfactory. There is always room for improvement but I wouldn’t be hesitant is making another purchase should something catch my eye. I will, however, be prepared not to expect fantabulous.

Word of advice: Online shopping is known to be a soft addiction and shouldn’t be indulged in very often. Keep a tab on your purchases and be careful whenever you are asked to deposit money before the order is delivered or are asked for credit card details. HAPPY SHOPPING!