Secret to a Softer, Younger Looking Face, from Nabilas!

A few nights ago, I was watching a rerun of some morning show on ARY Digital (do not judge me before you hear me out!); anyway, so the show had Nabila from Nabilas and N-Pro as the guest (my reason for sticking to the show). From my early days as a fashion journalist, I admired Nabila immensely. Her work was always spectacular, and you could either love it or hate it. There has never been an ‘average’ and ‘Nabilas’ in the same sentence. And the same phenomena continues to defines other aspects of her as well – her professional demeanor mirrors rudeness for many, but she asks nothing more of others than she does from her own self. Her mind, which works as her creative workshop every time she transforms and enhances peoples’ image, is another enviable possession. Suffice is to say that she is one of the very few people in the industry to have actually made a difference and have created benchmarks for others to follow.
Before this piece starts to look like a paid publicity stunt by Nabilas, let me get to the point. In that particular episode of morning show, Nabila was going to dress up 4 brides (with innocent, traditional, modern and model looks). With my wedding around the corner, I was hugely interested for I have yet to decide upon my makeup artist for the big day. And therefore, watched the complete episode.
During conversation, Nabila gave a very simple, yet works-like-magic tip for softer, younger looking face. She exclaimed her disapproval for sharp, arched eyebrows. To her, they look anything but classy or elegant. She said that getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed for a straight-line-look ruins the softness of one’s face, and makes it look rigid and harsh. The alternative she suggested, to threading and waxing, was plucking (using a tweezer). This would mean that you would get rid of excessive hair around your eyebrows, sans the damage (read: edgy sharpness).
Personally, I couldn’t agree more. I abhor pencil thin or extremely sharp eyebrows. They make me, for example, look like a vixen, a home-breaker and worse. Also, it makes my face look even bigger (amm, yes, it is possible). However, I naturally have bushy eyebrows, so I am not sure if I can sit down to pluck them individually and not go crazy with the tedious process. But mostly, Asian women are bestowed with average eyebrows, so you can get softer looking face and classy eyebrows by trading thread for a tweezer.


Bonus: Nabila is coming up with her own line of concealers. Look out for them – they will be revolutionary!


Oh, and after looking at the brides her team prepped, Nabilas is surely in my top 2 choices for bridal makeup.

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