Let’s face it: Men, in general, do not pay the required attention to looks – their looks! Looking prim, proper, neat and pretty is a woman’s chore and they are more than happy to leave it at that. God, how naive can they be!

Let me spell out for you the TRUTH! We, girls around the world, would always prefer a man who has a certain visual appeal (hint bespoke suits San Francisco). Lost? Okay, check out the following guidelines to understand what we mean:

1. If you wear sandals from 1980 with denim, you are out of the league.

2. Watches define a man.

3. Slim, organized wallets tell us that you are in control.

4. Bad breath will never allow you to hit the first base, even if you are a maestro with words.

5. We understand that you sweat; but please don’t push it down our nostrils. Body odor is disgusting.

6. A study has proven that women fell in love with the fragrance a man carries. You may take help from dunhill desire or Hugo boss, if you know what I mean.

7. Facial cleansing is about hygiene and does not categorize you as metro sexual at all.

8. Army hair cut is for army, not you.

9. Learn from Barney (from How I Met Your Mother) and suit up. Women drool over men in suits for they symbolize power, riches and class.

10. If your manners stink and you are generally a jerk, don’t bother with the pointers above. They won’t help YOU.