Last Sunday, we had a special Majlis at our Jama’at Khaana. It was arranged for us to remember our spirit and life hereafter, prepare for it and take corrective measures while we still can. Also, it was to collectively pray for the deceaseds’ soul.
During that Majlis, a guest speaker (aka al wa’az) gave a very interesting lecture (aka wa’az). While concluding his wa’az, he shared an ancient anecdote. He said, long ago, there was a wise philosopher, who had read thousands of books during his lifetime. When he was asked to share what he had learnt about a good life after all the years he had spent  research and learning, he said:
“After years of reading, researching and discovering, I have only learnt 4 things about living a good, fulfilling life. Two are to be remembered, and two should be forgotten.
You must remember: Your God (Allah S.W.T for Muslims) and Death.
You must forget: All the good you have done for others, and all the bad that has been done to you.
These principles will guide you throughout your life, help you make the right decision and live a content life.”
This lesson, with its simplicity and essence, is now etched in my head. Hope you get to feel its intensity and impact as well.
Cheers to a good life!